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Poopie Palz Pet Waste Clean Up Services

Pet Services

Pet Waste Services

We offer a range of pet services for the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. If you don't have the time to keep your yard healthy and free of pet waste give us a call today!

One Time Cleaning

If your yard hasn't been cleaned less than 30 days and/or you are a new customer. If you would like to have your yard cleaned from time to time or if you are new customer your yard will need more attention than regular serviced yards. Prices depend on volume of waste accumulated starting at just 35$ per service (we can estimate cost upon arrival).

Poopie Palz

DOG Waste Clean Up

Prices are based on 1/2 acre lots, front or back. Larger yards will be charged additional 2$ per service. If you would like to have your front and back yard serviced additional 6$ per service fee applies. Litter scavenger hunt - we gladly pick up any loose garbage we find while servicing your yard. 5$ per service (twice a month minimum) Click to Learn More


If your yard hasn't been cleaned for over 30 days and needs lots of attention. 60$ for up to one hour. Additional time is billed 15$ every 15 minutes of work. Click to Learn More


Pet waste cleanup in common areas of communities, dog parks and events where dogs were present. Please contact us for free estimate.


Our yard deodorizing is 20$ per service. We apply Disinfectant/Deodorizer to areas visited most often by your pets. Service is prefered for dog runs and patios. Click to Learn More